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bfly Stage absorber

bfly's STAGE absorber MK2 Version are an complex redevelopment with the target to combine coupling effectively with their approved decoupling technology.

STAGE-1: max 8kg per piece   DxH 44x35mm

STAGE-2 : max 20kg per piece DxH 54x48mm

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For absorption of vibrations bfly uses their proven MLA Technology with 4 different materials effective combined on 6 layers. The vibrations within HiFi component will be drained of from the conductor and directed transported into the absorber corpus. Such constructions are not new. But most of them are formed like spikes, with the disadvantage of vertical movements. Because the conductor is joined orbital with the absorber corpus, vertical movements are excluded and this with minimal contact surface. Because of the two-layer construction unevenness on the floor of the HiFi components will be balanced.
So the absorber corpus will be mechanical loaded equally and can work on an optimal level.

We advise placement directly under the floor of the component. Removing of the original feet is not necessary. We recommend the usage of 3 STAGE absorbers per component.


 Attention: Place the single absorber on the lighter side of the component.