Adam Audio

Adam Audio Artist Series

The new ARTist speaker’s design is based on ADAM’s professional monitors and uses identical driver technology and amplification to the studio monitors. The new high performance X-ART tweeter, a unique ADAM Audio design that accelerates air four times faster than any classic driver, can be found throughout the ARTist-Series. Combine this tweeter with a sophisticated woofer, an electronic crossover and built-in dedicated amplifiers for each driver and you can enjoy the high performance of the studio sound in your own home or office.

Adam Audio Classic Series

The Classic series Mk3 design encompasses all important aspects relevant to the quality of sound reproduction deserving of the ADAM Audio name. The ADAM Audio proprietary ART transducers, already a legend in professional studios and used in the older Classic series, gave way to their successors, the X-ART transducers. This new transducer has an extended high frequency response up to 50kHz and a higher efficiency rarely seen before. The new lower midrange drivers and woofers match the ones used in the ultra-high-end Tensor series. The Classic Mk3 floor models are equipped with new base plates and spikes to improve decoupling from the floor and unwanted resonance.