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PLiXiR SignaturePower

Plixir Signature AC Power Cable is primary designed for high current and low noise application. This includes AC power cable for Power amps and power cable from the wall to power conditioners. It is also suitable for low current source equipment, if an extremely neutral and tonally accurate cable is required.

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Using very pure Virgin Copper conductors (copper materials from the mines, not recycled), the signature cable is designed for maximum instantaneous current flow, with ultra-low impedance.  A low noise topology featuring multi solid core, thick gauge copper conductors, with a copper braid (100% coverage) for EMI and RFI noise rejection is employed.  This cable is tuned to be absolutely neutral sounding, with no emphasis on any particular frequency to skew the sound.  To maximize the current flow, the design of the cable was concept to fit perfectly the power plugs and sockets chosen; only in this way the impedance of the whole terminated cable will be optimized. 

Being multi-solid core design, this is also a stiff cable; careful thought about laying it out in your audio system will be needed before purchase. 

Properly used, our Plixir Signature power cable will provide you with a very rewarding sound.  Your power amps and conditioner’s true potential will be realized, with a natural sound, improved bass texturing, accurate tonal structure and timing correct PRaT. 

They are available in high quality UK/US plugs and IEC only.