With PLiXiR RCA connector
  • With PLiXiR RCA connector
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PLiXiR Elementa Interconnect

Plixir ELEMENTA Interconnect is our entry level interconnect signal cable. We have had many requests from customers looking for an entry level and value for money Interconnect as an upgrade to their entry level equipment. With this in mind, we focused our efforts to design a cable that will satisfy this requirement: To provide an extremely good interconnect for entry level equipment, that is designed to improve the general performance of these equipment.

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S$149.00 (W/out GST)

S$149.00 (With GST)

For local delivery, charges may apply. For international orders, please email us at sales@mysoundaffairs.com.

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Using very pure Virgin Copper conductors (copper materials from the mines, not recycled), we focused on a topology that is truly balanced, and will provide maximum signal transfer, while having excellent noise rejection (with a 100% foil shield coverage).  Neutral and accurate tone is also our primary design target.  The proper termination method is also considered in the design of this cable (correct conductor to plug base metal soldering, with Cardas Quad Eutectic solder, thru a custom designed jig). Based on our testing with our Elementa cable, we have succeeded on our requirements. 

Upon using our ELEMENTA Interconnect cable, you will find that the music becomes less harsh and more analog, with accurate instrument tone.  The harmonic structure of the sound will be proportionally correct and there will be a drop in background noise levels.  As a result more details will be apparent without straining to hear them.  Listening fatigue will be greatly reduced with this interconnect.  Bass notes will be more clearly defined and an increased in PRaT is apparent.  You will go wrong with this cable to start your hi-fi journey, or to reset your reference of your sound in your current system 

They are available custom terminated with RCA, XLR or BNC connectors.