BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer Mods
  • BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer Mods
  • BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer Mods

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer Mods

The mod BBE 882i gives you much lower noise floor and much more inner details to the sound. It also has a much more natural tone and texture. The stock BBE 882i gives you the outline of the sound, while the mod unit is able to fill it up correctly. The true potential of the BBE 882i, whether in studio or home use, will be fulfilled.

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  • Ultima Voltage Regulator


    Ultima Voltage Regulator

    Currently in its 4th generation, our Ultima voltage regulator is the finest of its kind in the market.  Using high quality industrial grade components, the regulator’s control element and its voltage reference is powered by its own low noise voltage output.

    With an optimised discrete design , it provides ultimate low noise, high speed DC power performance to your electrical components.

    The use of our Ultima voltage regulators in place of standard regulators will enable fine, low level musical details, previously hidden and distorted by background noise and slow regulation speed, to emerge. The music will be less harsh sounding, with much more details than before. The sound will be much more analog and natural, with instruments gaining their true tone and timbre.

    Note that we will only allow installation of our modules and regulators in our workshop in Singapore and the regulators are not for kit / general sales.  Our regulators are only used for our own modifications. 

  • Good Quality Component


    Good Quality Component

    For our modifications and upgrade modules, we ensure that very high quality electronic components are used.

    Our modifications philosophy and methodology has always been based on the systematic and natural reduction of noise within your equipment, so that the true potential of your equipment can be realised.  We do not believe in adding more colours to change the sound of your equipment.  The initial “WOW” factor will be there, but ultimately it will fade and leaves you unsatisfied.  You will always be looking for the next component to colour and compensate for the unnatural sound with such a vicious cycle approach. 

    As such, the choice of our components is based on a neutral sound that fit our philosophy and methodology.  These are components that are tested and proven in our hundreds of modifications done.  They are extremely high quality, industrial grade components that will last for a long time.  The sum of their effects will be many more than singular, highly coloured components.

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This is the all-out attempt to mod the BBE882i. The stock voltage regulators are replaced with our ultima voltage regulators.  A low noise oversized toroidal transformer is used to replace the E-core transformer.  All critical capacitors and diodes are changed with higher grade parts.  Burson opamps are used to replace the stock NE5532 opamps.  Circuit modifications and optimization are performed as well.  Compared to the original, it has much lower noise floor over stock unit, yielding even more details, resolution and transparency. More importantly it has a much more harmonically rich and natural tone that complements perfectly with the processing being done. It is meant for the most demanding of applications (high end hi-fi and studio usage). 

Pricing & Specs

BBE882i Signature Mod

  • Sound Affairs Ultima Class A biased opamp is used. We designed this and absolutely the best opamp for this application.
  • A low noise toroidal transformer, 5x overrated for the applicable will be used to replace the stock low quality E-core transformer.
  • Two pieces of Ultima low noise voltage regulators will be used to power the whole BBE, replacing the noisy stock regulators.
  • A complete rebuild of the unit, with much better capacitors / diodes used throughout.
  • Other circuit modifications and adjustments done for optimal
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