Melco - N10 Music Library
  • Melco - N10 Music Library
  • Melco - N10 Music Library

Melco - N10 Music Library

N10 uses the same extreme low-noise high precision digital music dataflow of the existing Melco series. N10 is designed from the start as an audio specific device – it uses no standard IT components or PC parts. A new low profile mainboard uses the exact same RISC processor and architecture as the N1Z series ensuring very low noise with precise data management. N10 mainboard is optimised for extreme sound quality. Twin Ethernet ports are retained with the dedicated Ethernet Player port connecting directly to the network player without an intervening dataswitch, ensuring that packet order and timing is maintained.
Internal storage is 3TB HDD. Easily expandable by either IT USB HDD or the Mel co E100 to maintain sound quality.

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- Extreme performance Audio NAS, and local USB-DAC player
- Two-box design separating signal processing electronics and power supplies.
- New Melco Control App available at launch
- Capacity 3TB
- This is an additional model – not a replacement for any current models

General Specs

  • Dimensions(W×H×D)
    • Main Unit:
    • 215 × 61 × 269 mm; 8.5 × 2.4 × 10.6 in.
    • Power Unit:
    • 215 × 61 × 273 mm; 8.5 × 2.4 × 10.7 in.
  • Weight
    • Main Unit:Approx. 3.5 kg; 7.7 lbs
    • Power Unit:Approx. 5.0 kg; 11.0 lbs
  • Power: AC 230 V, 50/60Hz (max. 40 W, 0.18 A)
  • Power Consumption:Max. DC 12 V, 1.6 A
  • Max. Output Current:DC 0.5 A