BDC2A4A- output of 2A and 4A
  • BDC2A4A- output of 2A and 4A
  • BDC2A2A - 2 outputs of 2A
  • PLiXiR BDC - Made To Order

PLiXiR BDC - Made To Order

Based on our PLiXiR DC Power supply design, we are able to build customised DC power supplies with multiple voltage outputs to meet your system needs.

Our DC power supply is a combination of our balanced AC power conditioner and an ultra-low noise, two-stage DC power supply. This is the only DC power supply in the market that addresses BOTH noise issues in the mains AC voltage and the subsequent DC voltage derived from it. To ensure there is no cross contamination of power supply noise for the equipment connected, the power supply outputs are totally isolated from each other, by having a balanced toroidal transformer for each output power supply

More importantly, our topology ensures that there is no signal ground loop for the multiple equipment connecting to Plixir multi-output DC power supply.  With no ground loop, ground current is significantly lowered and as a result system noise is greatly reduced as well.

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Using our Balance DC Power supply you will find day and night performance in terms of your audio and video streaming out from your equipment.  Digital jitter over HDMI and USB/Firewire interface is lowered.  Low level details, previously submerged by the power supply noise will emerge beautifully.  Your video will gain natural contrast, more vibrant colors, better image depth and smoother moving scenes which you can follow the action with ease.  The audio will reveal greater inner details, dynamic contrast and more natural harmonic content.  The sound will be analog, with a much more natural body and improved PRaT factor that you can enjoy Plixir Balanced DC Power Supply.

Use the matric below to let us know your requirement. Please send us the following specification to Then we will be able to advise you the casing dimension and weight for your made-to-order BDC

  1. Input Power voltage : 100 – 120Vac    or  220 to 230Vac
  2. No of DC output : from  2 to 4
  3. DC voltage for each output : from 5, 9,12, 13, 18, 19, 24, 30 Vdc
  4. Ampere for each output : from 1A, 2A, 4A or 6A

For example,

  • Input Voltage : 220 -230Vac
  • No of DC output : 3
  • Output #1 : 5Vdc, 1A
  • Output #2 : 18Vdc, 2A
  • Output #3 : 19 Vdc, 6A


General Specs

Unique built in balanced AC power conditioner; eliminate high frequency AC noise and ground loops.

2-stage DC voltage regulation Circuit

Class A driven Pre-regulator stage eliminates most of the noise and heat for subsequent DC voltage regulator stage.

Low noise DC voltage regulator stage. Short circuit and thermal overheat protection.

Totally isolated design with multiple Balanced toroidal transformer. 

Available in 110 Vac or 230 Vac input voltage.

Casing size : either  220x226x52mm or 320x300x70mm

Includes 1m PLiXiR Elementa High Current DC Power Cable either in 1.3mm, 1.7mm, 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC plugs to mate with your equipment, for each DC output