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PLiXiR DC Power Supply for Switches and Router

Based on our PLiXiP Elementa and Elite range of DC linear power supplies, our digital streaming auxiliary linear power supply features additional optimisation in terms of build and component selection.  In our view the use of noisy switch mode power supplies is hugely detrimental for hifi playback systems and should be replaced with our linear power supplies.  Particular attention is done to isolate the component noise from polluting the AC mains as well as filtering optimisation for high speed digital application.  All this is done to provide you with the best power supply for PC application for digital streaming auxiliary products.  They are suitable for : 5-8 Port Ethernet Switch, Routers and Opto Couplers.


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From our years of experience building power supplies, we have realized that there is no one universal power supply design that is the best for all application digital and audio.  Within the broad architecture design (macro view) there are further optimization in the micro level (component selection, grounding point etc) that can improve the performance further. It is with this experience and knowledge that we create our PLiXiR DC linear power supply.   

We recommend the Elementa power supply in this case for the best cost performance mix.  The Elite  power supply is recommended for the most discerning audiophile who wants the ultimate performance. 

Highly optimized power supplies for digital streaming auxiliary products (Ethernet switchers, routers, opto-couplers) with specified components and construction methods. 

Offer two range  : Elementa series - Two-stage DC power supply (Click here) or flagship Elite three-stage BDC balanced power supply (Click here).

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