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Adam Audio Artist 6H

The ARTist 6H has been designed for two purposes. On the one hand there are specific environments, in which the speaker is rather to be placed horizontally than upright. The ARTist 6H is one of the very rare speakers in the market that can serve these needs. On the other hand, this speaker is the perfect choice to serve as a center speaker as part of a multichannel system on a high class sound level.

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To achieve sound patterns as homogeneous as possible, the components of the Center are identical with those of the ARTist 6: the new X-ART tweeter is flanked by two 4.5“ woofers.

In the rear side is a panel with several controls: the power switch as well as the tweeter gain and two shelf filters for high and low frequencies.

General Specs

  • X-ART tweeter
  • 2 x 4.5“ midwoofer
  • 3 x 35W amplification
  • Tweeter & input gains on the rear panel
  • 2 shelf filters on the rear panel
  • Inputs: RCA, XLR
  • 55Hz - 50kHz
  • 5 years warranty