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Adam Audio Compact MK3

As the name implies, the Compact is the Classic series’ smallest speaker. However, the sound quality from a speaker of these dimensions is surprisingly staggering. Clarity and precision of sound are a characteristic that identify the Compact as part of the ADAM family and allows it to stand proudly alongside its bigger Classic siblings. The Compact features the same technology as the other members of the series.

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Equipped with one X-ART tweeter and a specially developed 7.5“ HexaCone-woofer, the Compact can replicate any sound with the highest precision, natural sounding mids, and spot-on bass.

The Compact active version uses an A/B amplifier for the tweeter, the low frequencies are driven by a high-class PWM amplifier. Both amps have been perfectly synchronized with their respective drivers. The active Compacts have a multitude of controls that enable the tweaking of the sound according to personal taste or the spatial circumference. The input gain level can be adjusted from -10dB to +10dB. The level of the tweeter is adjustable between -4dB and +4dB and there are two shelving filters for high and low frequencies that can be raised or lowered progressively.

General Specs

  • X-ART tweeter
  • 7.5“ HexaCone midwoofer
  • Tweeter: 50W (RMS)/100W (Music)
  • Low/Midrange: 200W (RMS)/300W (Music)
  • 35Hz - 50kHz
  • XLR (active)
  • Warranty: 5 years (active)