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  • Black Glossy
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Back View
  • with magnetic grill

Adam Audio Pencil MK3

The elegant Pencil Mk3 offers a clear and compression free sound. In contrast to the slender design, the sound is quite the opposite – at least when it comes to the deep and powerful bass. The sophisticated combination of extremely stiff cone materials and powerful PWM amplification provides an impressive bass response.

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One of the woofers acts as a midrange and bass driver with the second woofer joining it only below 150Hz. This unusual approach effectively doubles the area and power of the low frequency woofer.

General Specs

  • X-ART tweeter
  • 2 x 7.5“ HexaCone midwoofer
  • Tweeter: 50W (RMS)/100W (Music)
  • Low/Midrange: 2 x 200W (RMS)/300W (Music)
  • 32Hz - 50kHz
  • XLR (active)
  • Warranty: 5 years (active)