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Weiss DAC204 D/A Converter

Weiss most versatile digital-to-analogue converter with superb performance. Its many input and output options make it equally useful for use in a professional mixing or mastering studio as for an audiophile-grade listening room.

Use the DAC204 for easy switching between multiple units with digital outputs — including a computer or mobile with USB out and enjoy the pristine and low-jitter conversion to analogue audio from the unit’s outputs. The DAC204 can also convert DSD audio to PCM and offers a digital output in the AES/EBU format. For more product information, please visit Weiss website. 

You can further enhance the performance with the bundle with Plixir Elite BDC 9V/2A and Plixir Statement DC cable 2.5mm/1m. Please click Elite BDC and Statement DC Cable for more product details.


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Power Supply Upgrade

S$3,700.00 (W/out GST)

S$3,700.00 (With GST)

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Digital Inputs

  • USB
  • Two AES/EBU or S/PDIF on Toslink or RCA connectors.

 Analog Outputs

  • Line out unbalanced on RCA connector.
  • Line out balanced on XLR connector.

Front Panel Elements

  • A power on/off switch. 
  • An input selection switch. 
  • 8 LEDs for sampling frequency indication for the USB input. 
  • Two switches for DSD to PCM conversion settings selecting the sampling frequency and the word-length at the output of the converter. 

Back Panel Elements

  • Analog outputs on XLR and RCA connectors. 
  • Digital inputs (one RCA and one Toslink connector). 
  • Digital outputs (one XLR, one RCA and one BNC connector).
  • USB input connector. 
  • External power supply connector. 
  • Two toggle switches for output level setting. 

    General Specs

    • Power Supply: External power supply, requirement is 6V…9V 
    • Power consumption: 6.3 W
    • Dimensions: Depth: 16.5 (Depth) x 10.5 (Width) x 9.5 (Height) cm