• LKS MH-DA002
  • LKS MH-DA002
  • LKS MH-DA002
  • LKS MH-DA002


Under the modest, albeit solid mechanical design, unassuming physical outlook of the DAC lurks a beast of a DAC. The parts quality of MH-DA002, the chipset, the feature on offer, is just simply exceptional at the price point. This LKS MH-DA002 DAC has a solid electrical design that will offer years of satisfying music experience for you. It is simply the most value for money DSD DAC in the market space for years to come!

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  • Dual-Mono ESS ES9018 Hi-End DAC Implementation, One per channel.
  • Class A discrete power supply for I/V converter & LPF stage. I/V and LPF stage using OPA1612 Opamps, on sockets for easy swapping.
  • Two toroidal transformers (50 VA each), One for digital circuit and the other for analog circuit.
  • Full audiophile components, including Scottky diodes, Panasonic FC, Nichicon KZ, Sanyo Oscon power supply capacitors.
  • 100 MHz low jitter TCXO oscillator.

General Specs

  • Amanero Combo384 USB module. Support DSD64, DSD128 (DSD256, DSD512 in Microsoft OS).
  • User selectable digital DSD/PCM Low Pass filter and characteristic.
  • USB I2S supports up to 384K/32bit for PCM Data.
  • AES/EBU,COAX,BNC,2 OPT input, support 44.1K, 48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k sample rate.
  • XLR balanced (5 Vrms) and RCA unbalanced (2 Vrms) output.
  • Digital volume control range from 0dB~-127dB.
  • THD< 0.0003%, DNR> 120dB, SNR>120dB
  • Net weight 7.3kg
  • Dimensions (in mm) 430 x 296 x 82
  • in Black or Silver
  • One year local warranty.