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The best just got better!  Now with a full function (volume control, source switching, settings, standby on/off) all aluminium remote control, improved luxurious casing design, genuine full premium parts upgrade and with an easy to read Dot Matrix front display, the new LKS MH-DA003 DAC is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the dual SABRE ESS9018 DAC MH-DA002!  Use it as a pure DAC or as a remote controllable full digital preamp, you will not find a better valued and performing DAC at its price!

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The MH-DA003 uses the acclaimed MH-DA002 DAC with dual (2x) Sabre ESS9018 DAC IC and OPA1612 output stage as a platform and improves upon it with the following hardware:

  • True Crystek FEMTO 100Mhz oscillator (less than 82femto sec jitter) for ESS9018 DAC.
  • Furutech FI-03 24K Gold Plated Copper AC Inlet with audiophile fuse.
  • New, bigger power (50VA) toroidal power transformer (2units) with high purity copper winding.
  • Genuine CARDAS Rhodium Plated copper RCA socket and Neutrik XLR socket.
  • Higher spec electronic components with Philips BYW-29 FRED diodes, Highest end Nichicon KG and Great Supply capacitors
  • new Linear Tech low noise voltage regulators and over 12 separate and individually regulated power supply
  • New I2S over HDMI port audio interface.
  • Refined analog output circuit over the MH-DA002

    General Specs

    Amanero Combo384 USB module. Support DSD64, DSD128 (DSD256, DSD512 in Microsoft OS).

    User selectable digital DSD/PCM Low Pass filter and characteristic.

    USB I2S supports up to 384K/32bit for PCM Data.

    AES/EBU,COAX,BNC,OPT input, support 44.1K, 48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k sample rate.

    Two I2S input port, RJ45 type and HDMI type for custom I2S/DSD source input

    XLR balanced (5 Vrms) and RCA unbalanced (2 Vrms) output.

    Digital volume control range from 0dB~-127dB.

    THD< 0.0003%, DNR> 123dB, SNR>120dB

    Net weight 8.1kg ; Dimensions (in mm) 440x320x90

    Color in Black or Silver

    One year local warranty