replaced with Swiss-made fuse
  • replaced with Swiss-made fuse
  • removed existing clock crystal

Oppo 103D Blu-Ray Player Modification

The Oppo 103D is in our view, the best digital media transport available. Our mod will transform the Oppo 103D into a different beast. All its features as an A/V digital transport or digital audio / media streamer will be drastically improved. For digital audio over HDMI and coaxial output inner details and harmonic resolution, previously submerged by the background noise levels, will emerge. Bass, PRaT, sound staging, natural, accurate tone of human voice and instruments, are improved by leaps and bound. For video, there will be much more natural contrast and less motion video noise. Images will gain solidity and there will be true depth into the picture. It will be a truly immersive and captivating video performance that draws you more into the movie. You will not find a better Audio/ video digital transport for the price.

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from S$1,649.00

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  • Good Quality Component


    Good Quality Component

    For our modifications and upgrade modules, we ensure that very high quality electronic components are used.

    Our modifications philosophy and methodology has always been based on the systematic and natural reduction of noise within your equipment, so that the true potential of your equipment can be realised.  We do not believe in adding more colours to change the sound of your equipment.  The initial “WOW” factor will be there, but ultimately it will fade and leaves you unsatisfied.  You will always be looking for the next component to colour and compensate for the unnatural sound with such a vicious cycle approach. 

    As such, the choice of our components is based on a neutral sound that fit our philosophy and methodology.  These are components that are tested and proven in our hundreds of modifications done.  They are extremely high quality, industrial grade components that will last for a long time.  The sum of their effects will be many more than singular, highly coloured components.

  • Ultima FEMTO Clock


    Ultima FEMTO Clock

    Currently in its 5th generation, our Ultima FEMTO clock now uses Crystek oscillators which are certified to be less than 82 femto seconds in jitter (in some cases and models, less than 50 femto seconds jitter). 

    The DC power supply powering the oscillator is also extremely important to the overall performance of an audio clock.  We implemented a 2-stage design using our Ultima DC voltage regulator circuit, with high quality components, to ensure that the oscillator works in a noise-free environment. For the very best performance we use a silver plated, military grade 50-ohms clock digital signal hook-up cable for our installation.  A low jitter, low noise clock will ensure less DAC timing conversion errors, reducing distortion and lowering the noise floor.  This will bring forth more low level signals and details.  The sound will be much more analog in its feel and texture. 

    Note that we will only allow installation in our workshop in Singapore and the clock is not for kit / general sales.  Our clock is only used for our own modifications.

  • Ultima Voltage Regulator


    Ultima Voltage Regulator

    Currently in its 4th generation, our Ultima voltage regulator is the finest of its kind in the market.  Using high quality industrial grade components, the regulator’s control element and its voltage reference is powered by its own low noise voltage output.

    With an optimised discrete design , it provides ultimate low noise, high speed DC power performance to your electrical components.

    The use of our Ultima voltage regulators in place of standard regulators will enable fine, low level musical details, previously hidden and distorted by background noise and slow regulation speed, to emerge. The music will be less harsh sounding, with much more details than before. The sound will be much more analog and natural, with instruments gaining their true tone and timbre.

    Note that we will only allow installation of our modules and regulators in our workshop in Singapore and the regulators are not for kit / general sales.  Our regulators are only used for our own modifications. 

  • Linear Power Supply


    Linear Power Supply

    To maximise the performance of the Oppo players, we offer a linear power supply to replace the switch mode power supply (SMPS) within the Oppo players.

    The Oppo 103D uses a switch mode power supply for all its circuits.  The 105D has two power supplies, the same switch mode power supply to run its digital circuits, and a linear power supply (toroidal transformer) to run its analog audio ( Stereo analog output and 7.1 analog output) circuits. For our Premium Mod, we replace the SMPS in both players with a low noise Linear Power Supply.

    The linear power supply that we use is designed to be the same size as the original SMPS, as a 1 to 1 replacement, and resides within the player.  It features multiple separate windings for the various DC voltage used by the Oppo player, isolating further the noise different circuit generates from each other.  FRED (Ultra soft, Fast Recovery Diodes), Optimised low noise voltage regulators, Low impedance 105 degrees Celsius rated industrial capacitors as well as a carefully chosen audio grade fuse is used as well. 

    In general, a SMPS generates more noise than a linear power supply.  By exchanging it with a low noise linear power supply, noise within the Oppo player is reduced to an absolute minimum, and hence audio (digital and analog) and video performance will be improved by a big margin.  It will lift your Oppo player to the real high-end performance.  All spectrum of the Oppo player’s performance will be improved.  For video, picture resolution, details, natural contrast, motion artefact, colour purity, image stability and depth will be greatly improved.  For audio, resolution, sound staging, speed, PRAT, natural harmonics, will be enhanced by a wide margin.  You have not heard what your Oppo player can really do until you use our linear power supply.

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We offer two levels of mods for the Oppo 103D, Signature and Premium.

Our mod uses the Ultima Femto Clock, featuring a custom low jitter (less than 82 Femto seconds) oscillator made for us by Crystek.  The Ultima clock is used for the digital and HDMI system. Lower jitter means less errors during processing and conversion; the improvement to A/V performance are well documented.  All features of the player is vastly improved the femto clock upgrade. The chassis and drive mechanism is also damped to reduce the effects of unwanted vibrations on the performance of the player.

The different between Signature mod and Premium mod lies in the mains power supply employed. 

For the signature mod, the stock switch mod power supply is modded with high quality components including high voltage FRED diodes, capacitors and in particular, a swiss-made gold plated copper alloy fuse. All these are done to reduce the noise level of the switch mod power supply to improve the performance of the player further.

The premium mod removes the stock mod power supply altogether and uses a custom designed linear power supply.  In this way, all switch power supply noise is removed.  This internal linear power supply uses a large toroidal transformer, and with high quality Schottky diodes, bulk low impedance capacitors, the swiss-made fuse and Linear Tech high current voltage regulators.  This lowers down the internal noise level of the player to an absolute minimum, and though pricy, is a worthy consideration if you wish to have the absolute performance from the Oppo 103D.

All brand new Modded Oppo players sold will be DVD region-free and Blu-ray multi-zone enabled

Pricing & Specs

Signature 103D Mod with brand new OPPO 103D

  • Replace current system clock and HDMI Output Chip Clock with Ultima Femto Low Jitter Clock using Crystek flagship oscillator 82 fs period jitter.
  • Replace SMPS diodes and capacitors to FRED (fast recovery diodes) and Panasonic FC/Rubycon ZL low impedance capacitors.
  • Change SMPS fuse to Swiss-made copper alloy gold plated fuse.
  • Chassis and transport damping to reduce vibration
  • DVD Region Free and Blue-Ray disc multi-zone enable, 2 years warranty
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Premium 103D Mod with brand new OPPO 103D


Signature mod Replaced with Full linear power supply

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