Oppo Sonica DAC Modification
  • Oppo Sonica DAC Modification
  • Sonica - Xtreme Mod Top view
  • Ultima discrete voltage regulator
  • Noratel XQ transformer
  • Furutech IEC socket

Oppo Sonica DAC Modification

From the Singapore distributor of OPPO digital products and award winning OPPO SONICA DAC, now comes the SG Xtreme Mod Edition!  The OPPO SONICA DAC SG mod edition is a hardware modified OPPO SONICA DAC unit with drastically improved audio performance!

For this modifications on the final OPPO DAC, we are giving it a big send off, with no stone unturned, with the best possible mods we can possibly do.  We even designed a custom XQ grade transformer (as used from my PLiXiR Elite Balanced Power Conditioner Range) from Noratel to replace the already good original toroidal transformer as below!

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from S$1,200.00

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After our modifications, the improvements across all media inputs to the OPPO SONICA DAC (USB, Coaxial Optical DAC input, Attached USB HDD, Tidal and Sportify Streaming, external NAS access, Ethernet DLNA audio etc) are as below:

  • Stereo Channel analog audio output (RCA/XLR) : Vastly improved performance.  Bass, PRaT, sound staging, inner harmonic details, naturalness of human voice and instruments and all matrix of hifi measurements are improved by leaps and bound.  It will truly make the SONICA DAC to be among the best audio all in one DAC / Music Streamer at any price!

Don't take our word for it.  Trust actual user reviews of our OPPO player modifications here : https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/blogs/modifications/tagged/oppo-bd-player

About our Modifications

With close to 20 years of hifi equipment modifications experience ( our CV : https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/pages/cv-of-james ) , we know exactly how to extract the best performance from the OPPO SONICA DAC.  Indeed, our actual experience includes the design of flagship SACD and DVD players!  This invaluable insight and experience provides us with insider knowledge on how to effectively apply modifications technique that will last a long time.  Contrary to popular belief modifications is not a matter of just changing better parts and expecting an improvement.  There are levels of intricacies to maximise what you do that comes with experience and this is exactly where our value lies. 

Pricing & Specs

Xtreme - Audio Mod


Does not Include OPPO SONICA DAC

  1. The Original Toroidal transformer for analog audio is upgraded to the highest grade Noratel XQ transformer as used in our PLiXiR Elite Balanced Power Conditioner. 
  2. The standard on board voltage regulator is changed to our Ultima discrete voltage regulator for MUCH lower noise performance. 
  3. The  stereo analog audio output board gets overhaul that include:  Upgrades to ALL critical capacitors to Rubycon ZLG and Rubycon ZL capacitors.  The FL and FR opamps are changed to higher spec grade.  Even IC for audio is also shielded and damped with special heatsink for even lower noise performance.    Other mods done to optimise the performance are our trade secrets.
  4. The IEC inlet is changed to genuine Furutech INLET (R) and very pure copper wiring is used to connect the IEC Inlet, directly soldered onto the board without the use of connectors which degrades performance.
  5. The motherboard is also modded as well to reduce its overall noise levels.  We will keep the details here as our trade secret. 
  6. The stock switch mode power supply is vastly improved.  The stock diode bridge is replaced with a hand-built FRED low noise diodes.  The original soldered on fuse is changed to a custom made fuse holder with a Swiss made gold plated ceramic body damped industrial grade fuse.  Stock capacitors are replaced with Rubycon ZL and Panasonic FC at all locations.  The main capacitor is also increased by a factor of 2.5 to reduce ripple noise.  Special transient noise damper circuits are directly soldered at noise sources.  The result is a much lower noise power supply that gives much better overall performance for the whole DAC. 
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Brand new SONICA with Xtreme -Audio mod


Full two Year Original Distributor Warranty for Brand New OPPO SONICA SG Mod Edition Bought from Us. 

Balance of Warranty Otherwise for Previously Locally Sold OPPO SONICA DAC.  (For example, you used your SONICA DAC for 1 year, and brought it in for Xtreme edition mod.  We will honor the balance 1 year remaining warranty) 

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