Mar 2015 /

Ultima FEMTO Clock

Currently in its 5th generation, our Ultima FEMTO clock now uses Crystek oscillators which are certified to be less than 82 femto seconds in jitter (in some cases and models, less than 50 femto seconds jitter). 

The DC power supply powering the oscillator is also extremely important to the overall performance of an audio clock.  We implemented a 2-stage design using our Ultima DC voltage regulator circuit, with high quality components, to ensure that the oscillator works in a noise-free environment. For the very best performance we use a silver plated, military grade 50-ohms clock digital signal hook-up cable for our installation.  A low jitter, low noise clock will ensure less DAC timing conversion errors, reducing distortion and lowering the noise floor.  This will bring forth more low level signals and details.  The sound will be much more analog in its feel and texture. 

Note that we will only allow installation in our workshop in Singapore and the clock is not for kit / general sales.  Our clock is only used for our own modifications.

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