About us

Sound Affairs is the evolution of Effective Audio Mods, a premier hi-fi equipment modifications company providing quality upgrade solutions to high end audio equipment in Singapore for over 10 years. Blending science, art and craft, Sound Affairs is managed by the best technically knowledgeable staff in Singapore who are true audio electronics designers in their own right.

There are 3 focus areas for the Sound Affairs.

Audio Equipment Modifications

We continue to refine and improve on our modification methods, modules and materials on equipment that we deem will reap the most benefits.  More models are constantly being uncovered for our modifications. We will start to introduce kits which customer can install for themselves for their equipment, for selected models. 

PLiXiR Products

In 2014 we introduced our first PLiXiR Balanced AC Power Conditioners (BAC) and Balanced DC Power Supplies.  Featuring unique and innovative design elements towards achieving the best performance possible at their respective price level, they have been a hit and enjoyed a very good amount of success.  We will continue to introduce more products into our PLiXiR line-up, including audio cables and other specific types of power supplies for equipment.

In Jan 2016, we successfully launched the Elite range of Balanced AC Power conditioners and DC power supplies targeted for the most demanding of audio performance and application. Click here to read more about them.

In May 2016 we participated in Munich hi-end audio show with our PLiXiR Elite range of products; the first Hi-fi manufacturer company from Singapore to do so. 

Active Speakers Setup for Home

Sound Affairs focuses on innovative state of the art, high end audio systems and solutions that are clutter free and compact in size as is desired in the fast growing Asian market where real estate is scarce, especially in Singapore. We champion the use of active speakers in our setups.  They solve many of the technical issues faced by customers for exceptional sound in small spaces.  Our solutions are designed to be cost effective and easily integrated into your multi-channel audio/ video needs.  Going forward, you will find a greater selection of active speakers and equipment specifically targeted towards achieving state of the art sound for your home. 

Our mission is to bring you the very best natural, live, and musical experience.