Feb 2015 /

Ultima Voltage Regulator

Currently in its 4th generation, our Ultima voltage regulator is the finest of its kind in the market.  Using high quality industrial grade components, the regulator’s control element and its voltage reference is powered by its own low noise voltage output.

With an optimised discrete design , it provides ultimate low noise, high speed DC power performance to your electrical components.

The use of our Ultima voltage regulators in place of standard regulators will enable fine, low level musical details, previously hidden and distorted by background noise and slow regulation speed, to emerge. The music will be less harsh sounding, with much more details than before. The sound will be much more analog and natural, with instruments gaining their true tone and timbre.

Note that we will only allow installation of our modules and regulators in our workshop in Singapore and the regulators are not for kit / general sales.  Our regulators are only used for our own modifications. 

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