Feb 2015 /

External AC to DC Linear Power Supply

An external power supply for source equipment (phono stage, DAC, Preamp etc) has always been the hallmark for high end equipment. 

To push the envelope of performance for some of our DAC mods (Mytek / Benchmark DAC etc), we have developed a special external linear power supply for them.  By removing the original AC to DC power supply within the small confined of these extremely well designed DAC, a large amount of noise within the DAC is removed, improving their performance drastically.

Our external power supply consists of two power supplies within the unit.  These two are totally separated, with dedicated transformer running each power supply.  Our proprietary Balanced DC Power Supply design, which combines BOTH a balanced AC power conditioner and low noise DC power supply (see our Balanced DC power supply for more details) is used here. In addition, the DC regulator designed employed here is fully discrete, low noise, and with no negative feedback.  This ensures that a very low noise, ripple-free power is supplied to the DAC, improving its performance even more.  One power supply is dedicated for the critical analog DAC output stage and the other is dedicated for the digital processing stage.  This ensures maximum isolation between analog and digital signals. 

The installation and use of our External Power Supply will lift your DAC to the real high-end performance.  It drastically lowers the noise floor within your DAC.  All spectrum of your DAC’s performance, including resolution, sound staging, speed, PRAT, natural harmonics, will be enhanced by a wide margin.  You have not heard what your DAC can really do until you use our external power supply.

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