Feb 2015 /

Linear Power Supply

To maximise the performance of the Oppo players, we offer a linear power supply to replace the switch mode power supply (SMPS) within the Oppo players.

The Oppo 103D uses a switch mode power supply for all its circuits.  The 105D has two power supplies, the same switch mode power supply to run its digital circuits, and a linear power supply (toroidal transformer) to run its analog audio ( Stereo analog output and 7.1 analog output) circuits. For our Premium Mod, we replace the SMPS in both players with a low noise Linear Power Supply.

The linear power supply that we use is designed to be the same size as the original SMPS, as a 1 to 1 replacement, and resides within the player.  It features multiple separate windings for the various DC voltage used by the Oppo player, isolating further the noise different circuit generates from each other.  FRED (Ultra soft, Fast Recovery Diodes), Optimised low noise voltage regulators, Low impedance 105 degrees Celsius rated industrial capacitors as well as a carefully chosen audio grade fuse is used as well. 

In general, a SMPS generates more noise than a linear power supply.  By exchanging it with a low noise linear power supply, noise within the Oppo player is reduced to an absolute minimum, and hence audio (digital and analog) and video performance will be improved by a big margin.  It will lift your Oppo player to the real high-end performance.  All spectrum of the Oppo player’s performance will be improved.  For video, picture resolution, details, natural contrast, motion artefact, colour purity, image stability and depth will be greatly improved.  For audio, resolution, sound staging, speed, PRAT, natural harmonics, will be enhanced by a wide margin.  You have not heard what your Oppo player can really do until you use our linear power supply.

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