Aug 2014 / DAC

Mytek Premium modification for Switzerland customer

Yes, I believe the Mytek is fully burned in now. I left it running continuously for 10 days to be sure. When I received my modded DAC and first listened to it, I was kind of shocked. Your mods seemed to have killed that beautiful bass section, everything sounded tight and very restrained.

But now, the fully developed bass has returned and I can finally appreciate the changes you have made. To be sure, there are no spectacular changes. I notice improvements in the 3D sound stage, better localization of instruments and more details. The entire sound is more real, more true, more like being there.

I had demoed two other DACs before and compared them to the original Mytek, namely the Auralic Vega and the Metrum Hex. I had found both of them better than the Mytek in some areas, but now I wouldn't say that anymore. Already before, bass and sub were superior in the Mytek and now, the middle and highs have improved as well.

The Auralic Vega is very finicky. In my setup I used the optical and USB input coming from my TV and PC respectively. Switching between the two turned out to be difficult. Every time I switched to optical and back to USB, the Auralic lost the connection and had to be rebooted. On the TV signal, I had little sound interruptions every 5 seconds or so. The Mytek is a robust device and is giving me no problems whatsoever.

The Metrum Hex sound image is excellent with incredible depth and width, but its overall sound is too nice, too soft. If we were talking about washing machines, I would have to say that the Metrum is using far too much fabric softener. I prefer the Mytek by a wide margin. For people who want every song to sound just very, very nice, the Metrum Hex is a great choice. Even a chainsaw would sound very agreeable and harmonious.

So, in conclusion, I'm happy with my modded Mytek and intend to use it for a long time to come.

Best regards

- Beat F, from Switzerland whom has his Mytek upgraded with our Premium mod

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