Feb 2014 / DAC

Premium modded Mytek.. really went from excellent to state-of-the-art

Would like to chip in with regards to MySoundAffairs mod. I went ahead with the full fledged with external power supply mod. In short, it's not magic but the sound quality really went from excellent to state-of-the-art in my opinion. To give a more complete picture, the modified DAC has the -6dB jumper engaged (my associated equipment, i.e.: the amplifier, doesn't like the 0 dB signal), attached via Firewire to PC running Windows 8.1 Embedded. Playback done via foobar2000, DoP. The amp is a humble Marantz PM11-S3 driving Esoteric MG-20. Compared to the stock Mytek, now I can hear more nuanced and natural sound than before. It takes away the character of cold/edginess without loosing details at all. Size of soundstage remains about the same. It does not loose the very well defined bottom end of the Esoteric and it gives more air in the treble. Instruments/singers separations get close to the feeling of being there. Talking about stable imaging and holographic sound, this is it!

Also have the chance to hook it up to the headphone rig running Teac HA-501 (also with the -6dB jumper engaged), with Audio Technica W5000, the above observations are consistent. More natural feeling/sounding with that beautiful midrange and excellent bass definition.

- Wenda, on his premium mod on Mytek

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