Oct 2013 / DAC

modded MiniMax DAC, free of the steely sound

Excuses that I waited so long with letting you know that I had received the DAC and how it sounds.

I wanted to have time to judge it and let it play in (burn in ) a while. I am very pleased with the sound!

It is free of the steely sound I was getting on the higher frequencies before.I thought where have the higher frequencies gone when I first listened.

But after listening for a while I realised that everything was more natural sounding with no emphasis on higher frequencies. Voices are less graiting especially womens voices, wish I could do the same with my wifes voice.

There is a smooth sound with lots of detail when it's there in the recording, more details are present. Cymbals sound more real.
More and greater dynamics, more macro/subtle dyanmics. More body or solidness and greater palet of timbres.

I can play louder without getting tired of the music. Stereo image is better.

- From Russell, in Holland

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