Apr 2014 / General

More details reveals with modded BBE

Finally I managed to spend some time testing the modded BBE with some of my fav tracks.

I play Heifetz's Tschaikovsky Violin Concerto, which is one of the faster versions of the concerto, and right away I noticed pace and momentum of Heifetz's violin is exercised with more precision and details. The overall sound with BBE on is transparent and dynamic yet polished.

Switching to Horowitz's Chopin Ballade No. 1, the piano is weightier with BBE on. It really brings out the most subtle shift in intensity.

With the BBE on, Faye Wong's "怀念“ is packed with more details. However the overall soundstage is not overwhelming and still maintain its pleasantness. Every change chord and slide is presented with clarity and intensity.

Overall, the BBE did well in enhancing the overall tonal balance without sacrificing too much details. The sound is more balanced and harmony with the BBE on.

- Yang,  with his modded BBE

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