Dec 2013 / Oppo BD Player

wonderful experience on his modded Oppo 105

Was a bit skeptical on modifications prior to contacting you. The experience however, has been
wonderful and I will like to give you a short feedback on the performance on the player after the mods.

After the signature mods done on my Oppo105, the picture quality has definitely stepped up a
notch. Black is blacker, color is more natural and there is visibly less video noise. It is rock solid
during action scenes as well.

For the audio portion it is day and night. Every spectrum of the performance has been improved over
the stock unit. Details, resolution, naturalness of the sound, low level harmonics, Soundstaging, PRaT,
all improved by a huge margin. This will be my reference player for a long time.
It is definitely worth every cent on the mods.

- Mr Lin

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