Dec 2013 / General

further upgrade with Linaer Power Supply to his Oppo

As promised, here is my review for the mods you did on my Modwright Oppo 95. Please do not
publish my full name. You may use Mr Ng for my name.

After the upgrades in my Modwright Oppo 95's clocks, and change of stock SMPS to Linear PSU, there
was a huge leap in SQ and PQ. It took some hours of run in, but the sonic improvements were
immediately apparent-greater transparency, improved timing, blacker background, and additional
layers of details were revealed. Additionally, I observed more accurate timbre in instruments. The
improvement was over and above the US$2k Modwright mod, which makes this pretty amazing. More
bang for buck through what James did.

For PQ, I observed blacker blacks when video was played via my 1080P projector on my 100 inch
Stewart screen. The colors seemed more natural and had an eerie realism, almost as if a veil was

Pretty awesome overall ! James is the real deal-Highly recommended.


- Mr Ng, further mod to his Oppo95 with Sound Affairs's linear power supply

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