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don't feel any fatigue during the session…after modded his Marantz SA8003

Had a super efficient and wonderful service and professional advice provided by James. Wanted to
improve my CD playback to match up with my SA playback, as this player is not considered as 'highend'
SACDP so the CD playback wasn't as good.... Took the full upgrade recommended by James. My
CDP was done in less than 2days though he stated 2 days initially. Upon collection, I got some great
advice from him as well.

My first impression once I start spinning my disc on it, it is clear but a bit harsh and too bright for my
liking, however I decided to burn in it for the next 10-20hrs... My CDP evolved and the brightness
mellowed down; the harshness had somehow turned into clarity, forwarding, sweeter and wider
soundstage. Although it wasn't as warm as it previously was, I love it, it seems like taking off a veil
from the music and I don't feel any fatigue during the session. Similarly, the bass had improved
tremendously, it became tighter and quicker. My John Mayer unplugged- Slow Dancing in a Burning
Room & Eric Clapton unplugged - Tears in Heaven & Layla never sound so good to me before, first
time I felt the difference of Redbook and SACD can be quite similar, like WOAH! Ever since it had
been modded, I fell asleep to it, bad thing; my tube amp may explode anytime J.

Once Vitamin M is replenished, I'll go back for EXTREME mod... Was actually quite skeptical on such mods, but I just gave it a shot, no regrets! Having spent around 700+ for the CDP and 400+ for the mods, had somehow brought my CDP to another tier, as closely equivalent to those 2k over SACDP, worth every penny! James not some particular salesman, he is a hobbyist, he mod things to bring the
best out of every audio device, not just for profit. Had a great after-sales service for recommending me
on my next upgrade (not modding/products by him, but some advice on other products). Reassured
yourself with great service from James!

- Karl, on his modded Marantz SA8003

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