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really music, music and music now

Before the mod, everything sounds volume-tric, meaning I am not listening to music but sounds. By
the 3rd or 4th track (Cai Qin or Eagles), I am already asleep because of the fatigue, trying to hear the
music or even make sense of it. It sound so harsh and unforgiving to my ears. I was thinking of halting
this hifi hobby and move on to iphone and headphone. However, I came across James thread in
xtremeplace and read deeply about it in and decide to give a go.

After a few days, I got the 740C back and after hooking it up, no more ear or hear fatigue. There is the
music, the chords, the instruments, the stage, the separation, the vocal, the bass and everything. There
is no more loudness even though I crank up volume but really music, music and music. Now, I finish
listening to 2 CDs (Cai Qin and Eagles) with ears open and eyes close, savouring it. Kudos to you, James. It is effective and it works. Like what you said, it is day and night.

I have this 740 for 2 years now and only get the true experience only now

- Peter, on his 740C

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