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clean, dynamic, transparent, superb timing & with excellent bass

Didn't really have a chance to hear it in depth, however did some listening sessions the last 2 late
nights & my findings are as follows.

The bryston cd player is already in itself very musical & has superb timing & dynamics with many
positive traits. Didn't know what to expect when send in for the mods, thought I just gave it a try,
majorly because of the persuasive nature of the feedbacks I read about from the other users.

After the mods, the sound is still very unmistakably bryston, clean, dynamic, transparent, superb
timing & with excellent bass. The clock, capacitors & regulators mods on my bryston player have
transformed what I deemed an excellent player into a truly exceptional player!
The very first track on my mod-listening was a latino guitar disc & it yielded a faster & more
dynamically emotive experience. I hear more details being fleshed out, & instruments separation was
much more easily differentiated with guitar notes textures more realism. This is probably because of
the more quiet background noise".

It is 3am, & next I tried a popular Tsai Chin album, & was immediately & pleasantly surprised by the
added vocal textures & realism. Soundstage depth was seemingly similarly excellent, as my speakers
are positioned pretty close to the walls, however overall soundstage does seems taller & wider with
more focussed positioning of voicing.

The next thing that happened got me sat up & really shockingly suprised was the bass definition &
slam I got from the track! The bass that came out was super taut, defined & has real bass slam!

My 3 pair of bookshelf speakers I tried-including my Ls3A was like given a new lease of life! I was
pretty worried as I began to crank the volume up on my bookshelves, & as long as the woofers were
able to take it, it delivered beautiful deep, taut & bass with a real slam!

I must say that for the money, I'm pretty happy with the improved sound I got so far, & not having a
differennt sound!(which I was initially worried) Tonight will be dates with Dianna Krall & also some of
my all time favourite country duo where it have all the vocals, drums, dynamics, & bass slams!(The

I will continue to run it in, & if it yield more improvements, I will update.

- Terry, on his fully upgraded Bryston CD Player

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