Dec 2014 / Oppo BD Player

Premium Modded Oppo 105D - from Greece

Premium Modded Oppo 105D. Using it as his source for his full Vincent Audio amplifiers and Focal Speakers setup.

I hope you are having a good weekend. I finally had the chance to listen to the player and I am truly impressed. The sound is smooth and analogue like but very dynamic and with high resolution. Sibilance and harshness are totally gone to the extend that feels like I bought new speakers.  I thought it was them having very bad tweeters but in fact it was the Benchmark DAC- 1 causing the problem. Bass is balanced, full bodied but very tight and I can hear very low notes into the music. Depth of field and soundstage is not perfect yet but I guess that’s why it needs time to burn-in. It still sounds compressed and not as expanded and 3-D as I would had liked.

Dimitris from Greece

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