Jan 2015 / Oppo BD Player

More truth revealed after signature modded his Oppo 105D

Hey James! Was going to shoot you a message, but thought to wait till tomorrow cos it’s quite late.

Anyway I’ve only connected up the oppo to the old set up so far, as I want to appreciate each change as it comes

Been listening to a mix of CDs and flac streamed over the network, and I must say I’ve very very glad with what I hear so far. As expected, more detail, more focused imaging, and more natural, clear and pure sound. But what I’m really happy with is the fact that listening at low volume sounds much better too! Able to have more details so it doesn’t sound muffled and boring when I dial down the volume. Still listening to it now past midnight, and continue to be thrilled by how much detail I can hear.

Ling Kang 

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