Feb 2015 / DAC

Modified Minimax Supreme from UK customer

I’ve had the unit for a few days now and am pleased to report that it provides a noticeable improvement over my old MiniMax Plus. I am surprised.

I tried the unit first of all without the Burson OpAmps, to ensure all was well. I was greeted with heavy distortion, but recognised this as an issue with the Toslink signal. A couple of twists of the input selector resolved matters (I have similar issues with signal locking on the MiniMax Plus). I will at some point move over to async USB to get around this.

Once I had established all was well, I popped in the Bursons, and have now spent 15-20 hours getting accustomed to the sound. In short, the modified Supreme has a much better ‘grip' on the music than my previous machine, with a larger soundstage and better resolution, which gives vocals more presence, particularly when the vocals have light reverb. This is in Solid State mode. I don’t really bother with tube mode, so may remove the tube, which some have reported further improves the sound (not sure if there is any ‘science’ behind that or not…). So, many thanks James for improving my listening experience!

From P Quinn, from UK

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