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Plixir Signature Interconnect OCC

The Plixir Signature Interconnect is finished in a pale blue jacket and is available in both RCA and XLR versions. The cable utilises Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors arranged in a star quad geometry, and is shielded. The cable is marked for signal direction. While I did not try to use the cable the "wrong" way around, the braided shield is tied at the source end only and should sound different hooked up both ways.The RCA version I had on hand was terminated with DH Labs RCA plugs.
The cables are quite flexible and unable to suspend light components in the air, unlike some of it's competitors. The plugs lack jaws of death required to rip out your RCA sockets - thank goodness for that. 
Easy to route, shielded to cut down on interference, and just the right amount of grip - my evaluation definitely started on a good footing.
Sound Quality: 
Bass notes are reproduced with control and a lack of smear. Midrange is a touch laidback but otherwise clear and natural. High frequencies are crisp, without sounding harsh or fatiguing. There is a commendable lack of grain to the sound.
This cable also performs well in staging and imaging, with a realistic portrayal of the recording venue and good separation of instruments and voices.
The Plixir Signature Interconnect has a certain rightness to it's sound and tonal balance. 
Users do not get sonic fireworks, attention grabbing presentation and the like. Instead, you get a highly resolving yet neutral and natural sounding cable.
The Plixir Signature delivers a very competent and no-nonsense performance for it's asking price.Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Eric's Hi Fi Blog. You can view the full review at

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