Aug 2015 / Cable

Plixir Elementa Power

The Elementa is a supple and flexible cable which should minimize routing headaches. James advised that the Elementa is designed for low current applications, e.g. source equipment. It is also available in a variety of lengths and termination options. The review samples provided were terminated in Japanese Meikosha AC and Schurter IEC plugs. In use, they provided a firm and reassuring grip.

Sound Quality : The modest price tag is likely to appeal to audiophiles on starter systems, or with tight budget constraints. In comparison to a stock power cord, bass notes took on a tighter, deeper and more articulate quality. Mid-range was a bit laid back with a smooth and warm tone. Some subtle detail was lost there, but as a trade-off, this flattered sibilant and harsh recordings. Treble had a slight uplift, with increased clarity and separation. There was also a noticeable improvement in image definition and sound stage stability.

Conclusion: The Elementa power cable is a sensible and cost-effective upgrade, far exceeding my expectations. There are better power cords out in the market, but at much higher price brackets. The Elementa does a lot of things right and given the very reasonable price tag, this is definitely a winner.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Eric's Hi Fi Blog. You can view the full review at

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