Aug 2015 / Elementa Power series

Plixir Balanced DC Power Supply BDC

Excerpt from Eric's HiFI Blog

"...The Plixir Balanced DC Power Supply is a compact power supply housed in a simple but smartly finished aluminum box. The rear panel contains the IEC inlet, a fuse holder, the power switch, and a socket for the detachable DC lead. The supplied lead is of high quality and comes with a locking collar.

In operation, it runs cool to the touch even when left on permanently. 

I purchased a 15 V DC model to power my Auralic Aries. Prior to that, I was using another well regarded linear power supply, which sounded better than the stock switched mode power supply,  but too dark and lacking in air for my taste. 

The Plixir was noticeably superior in all aspects, sounding more open, faster, while retaining a solid bass foundation and quiet background. Unlike most upgrades that involve some kind of trade-off, this was an all round improvement and easy to recommend... "

Reviewed by Eric's HiFI Blog. You can read the full report at

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