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Plixir Balanced AC Power Conditioner

Excerpt from Eric's Hi Fi Blog

"..A number of combination were tried in both of my setups.

1. BAC 150 with source equipment in my main listening room

I tried the BAC 150 first with an Audio-Gd NFB-10ES2 headamp / DAC and also my Cary CD-500, which are in my main listetning room. The power quality there is the highest and most of the audio equipment do not share power lines with noisy household appliances and the like.

Bass quality improved with a nice increase in heft and slam. There was also a noticeable reduction in the noise floor, and the enhancement of detail. The midrange took on a smoother and more laidback feel. I felt that this came at the expense of a darker tonality and a slight reduction of "air".

I did not try my amplifiers with the BAC 800 as their current draw exceed the unit's rating.

2. BAC 800 with Antelope Zodiac Platinum and Job 225

My bedroom setup is less fortunate. It sits on the same line with a whole range of things, including a Plasma TV set, a cable set top box, alarm clock and a computer. 

First, I tried the much bigger BAC 800, with both my source and amplifier plugged into the conditioner. 

Interestingly, I did not notice any mellowness, or reduction in "air" here. I would think that most people would be suitably impressed with this combination. 

Bass was tighter, more extended, and dynamic. You could really feel the added extension, drive and energy of bass lines.

Soundstaging also improved in depth, while there was improvement in detail, separation and refinement. This was most noticeable on heavy mixes, where the additional coherence and detail retrieval allowed you to follow the separate instrument lines clearly. 

3. BAC 800 with Antelope Zodiac Platinum

I also tried hooking up just my source to the BAC 800, with the Job 225 plugged directly into the wall.

The reason I tried this was to see whether the conditioner was restricting current to the power amplifier. This did not seem to be the case here.I actually thought that this sounded worse compared to having both my source and the Job 225 plugged into the BAC 800.

4. BAC 150 with Antelope Zodiac Platinum, and BAC 800 with Job 225

James had in fact suggested that I try out using two separate conditioners,and had supplied me with two sets for this purpose. 

While the system tonality was similar to just using the BAC 800 alone, there was significant improvement in soundstaging, high frequency extension, low level resolution, and a modest improvement in all the other audiophile niceties observed earlier.

I happened to be listening to a live recording, and you could really feel the acoustic space of the venue, and the reverb from the vocalist and accompanying instruments. 

In fact, I would rate the step-up in improvement moving from one to two balanced power supplies to be on par with the improvement going from stock to a single balanced power supply. I had no reservations using this combination and it was nice to be able to have your cake and eat it too !


I was very pleased with the performance of both products. The DC Power Supply makes an excellent alternative to the multitude of other power supplies out on the market, and the ability to work with someone locally to provide custom options is a boom.

While the benefits of the Balanced AC Power Conditioner is more dependent on the quality of your mains power supply, I was suitably impressed with the BAC 800, and even more impressed using the BAC 800 in combination with the BAC 150.

The Plixir line impressed me with it's good build quality, reasonable pricing and outstanding 

Reviewed by Eric's HiFi BLog. You can read the full report at

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