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Germany Fidelity - Reviews on Elite BAC

Power Conditioner Plixir Elite - by Hans von Draminski, Photographs by manufacturer

Residents in large population centres are aware of the problem - the denser the population, the more electricity users there are, and therefore the worse their stereo systems sound.  And with the shortage of apartments, the population density continues to increase, so the problem of poor sound quality will continue.  Now there is a solution from Singapore, which is available in Germany from bFly-audio: the Plixir Elite Series for improving the power supply.  The Plixir comes in different sizes, where in my search for audible improvements, each model according to power level requirements performed well.

The Test model Plixir Elite BAC 1500 which has 5 power receptacles and 1000W power output, is Plixir's second largest model.  The top model is the Plixir Elite BAC 3000 with 2000W power output and 8 or 6 (vertical version) power receptacles, which will allow you to connect many components to it.  The Plixir Elite BAC 155 costs 2800 Euros and did not have the slightest problem handling the test system from (issue 390s/38s/No.27) Mark Levinson although this vintage treasure is not considered an electricity efficient device. 

The Plixir's electrical power supply is cleaned by separation transformers, filters and power reconditioners.  The Plixir does its job so well, that its effects are only noticed when you remove it from the system.  With the Plixir Elite BAC 1500, you can hear details that are not so clearly audible on other power conditioners.  Furthermore, the sound is improved in smoothness, ease of the music, the blackness of the background and above all, the improved soundstaging.  The improvements could also be significantly heard with the small Marantz HD-AMP1 and HD-CD1 even though the HD-AMP1 has a digital output stage which should not be sensitive to electrical noise.  Especially striking was the way the system handled vocals.  Without the Plixir, singers sounded strained and constricted.  Using the Plixir removed these problems.  Orchestral works like Mahler's 8th Symphony - because of their gigantic cast - were reproduced with audible and believable depth perception and concrete-solid bass fundamentals.  If you don't believe this, take a well-recorded organ piece (for example Midnight at Notre Dame SACD by Deutsche Gramaphon) and hear the deep bass pieces like the Sinfonia from Bach's Cantate BWV 29:  The organist Olivier Latry plays furiously the principal pipes of the giant organ.  Even without the Plixir, this piece makes a strong impression.  But with the Plixir BAC 1500 which cleans up the power supply, you get the feeling that you are listening to a different sound system.  What you heard earlier as an excellent sound "curtain" (i.e. flat) is now a colourful, lighted panorama of an unforgettable performance in the great Parisian Cathedral.  A strong recommendation, also for the smaller Plixir models.

Translated from original German language. IF you need the original copy, please feel free to contact us.

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