Mar 2016 / Elementa Power series

Music sprang forth from an inky black canvas...It was so beautifully textured - so much realism

My interest in Sound Affairs' BAC began way back, a time when I was still reading on power conditioning. I eventually settled with the bada5500 as an affordable power conditioner and have been since pleased. Last year, I made an inquiry during Sound Affairs' Christmas promo about getting a BAC800. That didn't materialize and I eventually got myself a BDC LPS for my W4S RUR (Recovery USB Reclocker). Even without burn in, the changes it made was startling. Bass lines were more defined; imaging and separation improved and music began to flow more naturally - I was sold. Earlier that day, James told me there would be a trade in BAC1200 coming in - I didn't pass up on that chance and made a reservation for it.

The next day, I changed the stock cord off my LPS and whoosh, speed and attack stepped up a notch and it seemed like a veil had been removed. I excitedly told James about this improvement and he laughed, saying "wait till you hear the BAC1200." I wasn't disappointed. The next night, after setting up the BAC1200, I sat down and listened to Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live. Music sprang forth from an inky black canvas. The drop in noise floor was so apparent that I could only think of one word. "Whoa." The strumming and plucking of strings from the acoustic guitar gave me goosebumps. It was so beautifully textured - so much realism. Something I never expected my setup to achieve as my source was a regular PC that isn't even a dedicated music server. Vocals sounded smooth and relaxed and all the time, you can't help but notice the silence, separation and details the BAC 1200 brought. 

Before getting the BAC, I was worried that a conditioner might limit my dynamics (my bada did that a little). It didn't, and I'm very glad I decided to give the BAC a shot. I'll finish this little review of mine and go back to listening to my music, while nursing a sore shoulder, probably from carrying the BAC1200 all around town last night T-T. Thank you James for your generosity and for your amazing conditioners. 

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