Apr 2016 / Elite Power series

..overall image is much more holographic - Elite BAC3000

I felt so glad i have purchased ur elite BAC3000. First of all, thanks for your patience for rearranging my set up and also going the distance to to purchase the Ikea chopping board to place the power conditioner. First class Service!!

The Elite 3000 has only been in use for a few hour but improvement it made is staggering. Like what previous reviewer Edmund mentioned, sound stage height has raise, voice has grown larger. Background is so much darker and extend further backwards and It takes a while to get used to the sound as the tone certainly sounded different from my old conditioner. I guess this is what James has been referring to as Pure Tone.

I now believe that power treatment is the fundamental of every system and Elite 3000 is certainly a good choice considering its price to performance.


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