Apr 2016 / Elite Power series

..from the first note, I could tell this was a winner... Elite BAC3000 Precon

Dear James,

 I am using your new Elite BAC 3000 Pre Conditioner model to my Maple shade distributor (I like the maple shade distributor sound) and powering my whole setup.

Compared to the previous model of BAC3000 power conditioner, this is MUCH better, I would say day and night difference. The huge Noratel transformer is both quiet and muscular - able to power both my Krell FPB 600C and FPB300 simultaneously without breaking a sweat! Additionally, from the first note, I could tell this was a winner. The bass went deeper which, for Krell is really saying something. The voices became more articulate (singers were enunciating more clearly) and there was deeper resolution in every track I played. Instruments sound fuller and I'm hearing nuances I have never heard before (the way the instruments' strikes and decays). It's really quite amazing. Very highly recommended to take your entire Hifi rig to another level altogether.

 Mr Ng


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