Nov 2014 / Elementa Power series

Plixir BDC with Mac Mini from Canada

After directly compring the Plixir power supply to the stock Egston E2CFSW3 30 supplied by Linnenberg audio the consensus opinion (of 2 listeners myself & another individual) was that the Plixir exhibited noticeable greater clarity and resolution as well as providing greater “separation” between the various elements of the music (please excuse my descriptive terms since I am not really up on the current “audiophile” lexicon). For reference purposes the comparison was conducted playing 96/24 AIFF files in D channel Pure Music in native integer mode on a 16GB SSD Mac Mini with minimal configuration (i.e. no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.) with Ayre Acoustics QB9 DAC, Linnenberg Maestro & Audeze LCD3 (with Fazors) all operating in balanced mode. I hope this is of some assistance to you.

- Marko from Canada, with Plixir DC power supply

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