Sep 2014 / Elementa Power series

Upgrade his Mac Mini with Plixir BDC from Malaysia

My system consists of a Mac Mini & external Firewire enclosure for 2TB HD -> Stello U3 -> Naim DAC/TXPS -> Nac 202/HCDR/NAPSC/NAP200 -> Harbeth C7ES3.

I received the Mac Mini 2 days ago and installed it in my system. From the moment of switching it on, I could tell the profound improvement it brings to the sound. It has darker background, more details, airy and very analogue. I am very pleased with result.

Listening again last night, the upgrade really brings fireworks to my system. Even my Naim's PRaT has greatly enhanced probably due to improved dynamic contrast. I am very sceptical about upgrading computer PS since it is all digital, never would I expect such a huge improvement to my system sound. I just feel that I have upgraded my DAC.

- Adrain, has his MacMini upgraded 

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