May 2014 / Elementa Power series

Plixir BAC in action

Plixir BAC500 (left of Center Spk) and BAC3000 (right) and Sound Affair’s Premium Mod on Oppo 105 and
Benchmark DAC 1


Here is my review of the smaller balanced AC power conditioner on my setup.
I was using SA Balanced AC Power conditioner (3KW) since he first introduced the product. I connect
my Oppo, Benchmark DAC, BBE, Parasound Amp to it for my setup. The clean and regulated power
coming out from the Power Conditioner lowers the noise level further and what I got is a lot more
details than before without compromising on the dynamics. Several months later, he introduced me to
this smaller balanced AC power conditioner (500W) for my Oppo, Benchmark DAC and BBE. The
3KW power conditioner is dedicated to my parasound amp. The result I got was that there was increased dynamics
and body for the sound. The voice and instruments sounded slightly more detailed than before. I am
pleased with both the power conditioner as it has brought my setup to another level. Thumbs up!

- Jack Han, with his Plixir BAC 500

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