Apr 2014 / Elementa Power series

Plixir BAC 800 driving his Devialet system

Collected my custom 800VA balanced (with Furutech IEC inlet and USA Socket) power conditioner,
plugged it in at midnight and went to bed. Next morning at 10am, inserted a cd and had a listen. Alas,
the sound is a little strident and a bit in your face. Like all electronic components, a few hundred
hours will do. At least it is 24/7, so patience is the key. A couple hundred feet of wire, solder, caps
(James : There are no capacitors in our conditioner. We do not use capacitors and inductors, which we feel impacts dynamics, bass and alter the tone of the sound very much. We much prefer naturally lower noise floor and natural tone) and connectors to run in.

Five hundred hours have passed and time for an intimate session. Like all good conditioners, the
background is really dark. The instruments in the music basically "unchained" themselves from the
speakers. It just basically exist in space, freely spread from right to left; back to front. Chimes, bells
and triangles are easy to hear. Erh hu and violins are string instruments that are totally different
although played the same way. One has body whereas the other hasn't. The harmonics and decay in
piano and guitar is rather alluring to listen to.

How does the bass sounds like? No! It isn't tight. It has tone, pitch and nuances that I don't know
existed in the discs. Some have interpret this as tightness. The instruments has presence ( meaty in
local lingo ) excellent pitch and tone and also lots of detail which I find hard to believe. This difference
that I encounter has happen only once, when I replace my integrated with the Devialet D-Premier. No
change in interconnects, speaker cable or power cord has elicit such a tremendous change in sound.

Should you run out and get one, attain hi-fi nirvana and be really happy.

Not really, I'm afraid. Those who live in buildings that experience wild swings in voltages need not
apply. Voltage regulators will do a better job here. The rest, get a demo from James ( a fully run in one,
of course ) sit down and rejoice. This conditioner may be the inexpensive gems in hi-fi, like Triode
Wire Labs 7 plus, Densen demagic and maybe the synergistic research discs.

As for me, I have to get new speakers to enjoy my new found sound. Happy hunting.

- Steve's comments on his custom 800VA balanced AC Power Conditioner, with his Devialet system

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