Jan 2014 /

Plixir 3000 driving his full vintage 110Vac McIntosh/Sony setup

David's - 2K Watt version 230Vac to 110Vac (step down) balanced AC power conditioner (box at the floor, right hand side, with a silver front panel) powering a full vintage 110Vac MacIntosh/Sony setup.

First of all it is silent and no hum – like that and awful lot and this is simply undeniable.
The soundstage is larger and better defined – this is certainly noticeable. The bass is a bit deeper but
not at all booming (compared to his old UK made 3KVA step down transformer).
Another difference that I have noticed is that the radio signal on the tuner is much stronger now than
before (due to lower leakage of the balanced power conditioner design compared to his previous step

I am extremely happy with it!

- David W

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