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Plixir BAC further improves on a setup that is already very good sounding

Jack uses our 2KW power conditioner and Benchmark DAC external power supply for this system

Hi James, Speaker cables seems quite run in now. I did a A/B with the canare, it is getting quite near
in terms of the instruments details while the voice is more lively and got 'strength'. Anyway here
would be the review on the Balanced AC Power Conditioner and the power cord as well as how it

My setup of Oppo 105 (SA Modded) transport, Benchmark HDR1 DAC (SA Modded with external
power supply), BBE (SA Modded) are all recommended by James and it has changed everything I've
heard before and gives listening to music a new meaning. Partnering with my existing setup of
Parasound A31 and Dynaudio Focus 260s, it has replaced my previous setup of using Oppo 95 ESS
Sabre DAC analog to NAD T748 and then to Parasound A31. The current setup has produced a clean
and noise-free instruments and voice reproduction of the music I had and of course, a better
soundstage. I am absolutely impressed with the kind of difference I'm getting on the upgrade. The best
thing about James services is that he's willing to demo if you're a sincere customer. That new device
plugged into your existing setup will allow you to experience the difference and improvements
immediately. The improvements are so obvious that I can expect good stuff from him if he's got a new
recommendation and nwilling to bring over and I always ended up buying from him. This Balanced
AC Power Conditioner and the set of power cords are no exception either.

After listening to the setup for 6 months, James told me there is a new Balanced AC Power
Conditioner that is designed and made by him and is willing to demo. He came down, with the set of
power cords that was manufactured according to his specifications. Before setting up, I had one last
listen to my setup using the Belden 83803, MK Plug and Marinco IEC connected to
a Permaplug power distributor and after that he changed to the Balanced AC Power Conditioner and
his set of power cords. I switch to the same music I was listening before and wow! I could immediately
hear the digital noise being eliminated. Background instruments become more layered. Overall, the
instruments and voice became cleaner than before. There is better soundstage than before. I must say
this power con is doing justice to my current setup and I bought the entire set in the end. Truly
thumbs up to the Balanced AC Power Conditioner that can further improve on a setup that is already
very good sounding.

- Jack Han, SA's modd devices and Balanced Power supply

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