Aug 2015 / Elementa Power series

Plixir DC Balanced Power supply is superb !

The Plixir DC Bal PSU is superb!

Audio: Improved clarity and transparency, dynamics and bass. Sound control is excellent. Basically the sound just opens up and i hear more subtle details than ever before. 

Video: Not only is the sound more coherent, the colours are more vivid and saturated. I'm using the mac mini to watch ripped movies from HD 720p to 1080p resolution.

I am using a mac mini late 2012 model, 2.4gh dual core with 16gb ram, 500gb hard drive (non ssd).

Other plus points: The Plixir also responds well to other tweaks like footers, fuses and power cords. Hence you can tweak it for even more improvements. Chassis is solid, well built and dissipate the heat very well.

Overall considering its affordable price compared to other brands from core audio technology and mojo audio, the Plixir has very good price performance ratio and is highly recommended. It helped to breathe new life into my mac mini both in audio and video applications. It's like one stone killing two birds. Thumbs up! Thank you James :)

System: Focal Micro Utopia, Ice power mono blocks Asp 1000, Diva 1L tube pre, Calyx Femto Dac, Mac Mini with Plixir DC PSU.


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