Sep 2015 / Elementa Power series

With Plixir BACs, a more "alive"...vivid presentation on voice, guitar and piano was noticed

The Plixir BAC 150 (powering cdp) and Plixir BAC 2000 (powering tube integrated amp) replaced an audiophile high quality power distributor. My system is actually quite old and for the past few months I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my speakers. Did some research online on the importance of getting one's AC mains power supply in order. I decided to give conditioning a try before I retire my speakers for good. 

In comes the BAC 150 and BAC 2000. Here's a brief review after approximately 100 hours burn in.

A more "alive"...vivid presentation on voice, guitar and piano was noticed. Image size definitely larger and had more presence. Less of the toy piano and ukulele effect :). Voices were more rounded (some of the etch that was present was removed) and denser. It presented itself as being more communicative...more expressive. Vibrato was also more distinct and clearer...which can be attributed to a much darker background than before. There was also an improvement in the upper registers....most noticeable on cymbals and tambourines...definitely more delicate and less splashy. This delicacy made steel string guitar recordings a lot easier on the ears. A little less HF energy (a good thing for me)  and I am hoping the a little more will be had after more burn in time. Bass was better too....a little more slam, weightier and tuneful. Soundstage a little wider and most importantly (for me)....fuller. Speakers a lot less noticeable as sound sources. 

My room is only 3m x 4m...rather small. I dislike turning up the volume too much as it tends to get awfully fatiguing with sound bouncing all over the place. With the Plixirs in place...I am actually able to listen at lower volumes and still be satisfied with a presentation that has enough detail, texture, emotion and.... impact! That's always a good thing for small room listening.  My speakers are breathing a sigh of relief for now....thanks to James and his Plixirs. :)

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