Feb 2017 / Elementa Power series

"... altogether allowing music to flow whilst streaming .."Macmini with Plixir BDC

Dear James,

I am very pleased with the PliXiR PS for my Macmini.  When I bought the Macmini, for headless use with my system, I was disappointed as it did not sound as good as my Macair running on battery.

After your excellent work, the sound quality from the Macmini with Plixir has superseded the Macair. The transformation is amazing - increase of micro and macro detail, separation of instruments, a certain airiness, delicacy of cymbals, tuneful bass, sustained notes, more precise sound-stage and a quieter background - altogether allowing music to flow whilst streaming Tidal>Audirvana+>DAC. I previously spent a lot of effort to get CDs to sound musical. I don't think I will be 'spinning' CDs very much from now on.


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